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United States
Hi there! You have come across one of the most random and crazy midgets in these parts! Be careful.... I bite :iconevilgrinplz:

I role-play!! Don't be shy about sending me a starter, there is rare stuff I will not take on since I want to get into writing when I'm older :D
My main characters are as such:

Narita Akita Yamanashi- 5'2
(Age usually varies depending on role play but I keep her between 16-20 usually))
Blonde hair, and burning emerald eyes, don't mess with this highly trained ninja or she will get you.

Kernia Arisa Yamanashi- 5'2"
((Same as above))
Black, long hair and green eyes
Nari's younger twin, not as hot tempered as her sister but even more powerful. Has an odd weakness for cute things....

Sukari Naomi Ayashi- 5'4"
((Usually between 19-24))
Naturally strawberry blonde hair, dyed to a bright pink, and teal colored eyes
She is as wild as wild gets, if you're looking for a fun girl, ask for her... Just don't bring up her dead brother... It'll get really depressing...

Kiko ((aka Shadowmask))- 5'0"
Black hair with a single red streak on her left side part, bright green eyes, wears a thin, black masquerade mask all the time
As hot tempered as you can imagine, this former soldier in the military will take any excuse to remove your head. Watch your ground, but she does have a sensitive side... even if it is hard to detect....

((I do have several others but these are my main ones.))

My best friends on here have to be :iconfirepebble01: :iconsplashsillyone: and :iconaescout: Check out their art! They are really good and I love them to bits. <3

Journal History

  • Mood: Overwhelmed
  • Listening to: Dirty Night Clowns y'all
  • Reading: Catcher In The Rye
  • Watching: Nothing atm
  • Playing: Nothing sadly
  • Eating: I wish something I'm starved
  • Drinking: I want coffee ;-;
    Probably not for long but HIIIIIIII guys 

School and marching band is killer ugh

screw senior year it's too busy

college level classes and ACT stress nyaaaaaa

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What is this group anyway? ^^;
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